Insurance Charges Depressed Mothers For Their Mental State

Postpartum depression is a controversial topic. Recently, a government appointed agency has taken a huge push onto pregnant women to get screened either before, during and after pregnancy to determine whether they fall into this category of suffering with postpartum depression. Over the past few weeks, I have done excessive research learning and voicing my opinions on this topic. Although my opinions can be considered valid, here is what the latest news are offering to the world.

I’ve learned that along with having postpartum depression comes inconvenience with your mentality, financial states, and fear. The most recent articles on postpartum depression has circulated their focus on financial issues that are disturbing this notion about the screening. As stated in the New York Times, insurance companies are now charging people, and in this case, mothers, more just because of their negative and unstable mindset. You may be wondering, how does the insurance company categorize you as “depressed”? Well, there are many risk factors that insurance companies look into about your background and from there, they determine whether they consider you depressed or not. According to the New York Times, some of these questions include “How long ago was the depression? How long did it last? How severe was it? Did you have thoughts of suicide or attempt it? Were you hospitalized? Has the depression stopped? If you took a prescription medication, how long did you take it? Was this the first time depression was diagnosed? Has it been diagnosed since?”. These mediocre questions seem very vague yet, the answers to them can be life threatening and mentality questionable.

Just as generalized depressed people are charged more for the mental state, these suffering mothers, whom are already facing enough at home are now being charged more, which can lead to an even more serious, prolonged form of depression. As legal, financial service has risen, mothers are now even more reluctant than before, making their fear even greater and stress levels increase. 

I’ve learned that in order to avoid these inequalities at all costs, researchers are advising all mothers to buy insurance before having their baby to make lessen their stress if they were to be diagnosed with postpartum depression. Also, even though there is fear on whether you are really depressed or not, it is better to be safe than sorry. Advice from the New York Times article includes to be screened whether you are slightly skeptical or not, just to be safe and avoid even more severe consequences later in the future.postpartum_depression

Image from 1meee

Overall, this insurance notion on charging depressed mothers more than regular mothers just because they are at lower mental stability is outraging toward many people. This uprising is causing more mothers to be fearful of their mentality making them more hesitant to get screened about having postpartum depression, which is an even more dangerous decision. If these mothers who are skeptical about going to the screening because they are scared of being charged more than now are at higher risk at jeopardizing their happiness to an even more critical extent. 


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